About Me

Entrenched insiders and establishment politicians have not done so well, have they?

Is your life better these days? Our community safer? Traffic better? Kids safe in schools? Enough police on the streets?

What does it take to solve community challenges and problems? Many seek re-election on their “experience.” But ask yourself, is serving 20 years in office while our community suffers - is that experience helping you? Too many are “absent” or “missing in action” when we need our elected officials to fight for us.

What does it take to solve problems, drive action, or create the change we want?

It takes a commitment to listen, work with others, find ways to agree. And a willingness to fight, if need be. It takes an independent outsider beholden to no one but you.

My life’s work has been fighting for the little guy against the big guy. By trade, I am a lawyer, with a career track record of helping people win battles against major insurance corporations. But I am like you, a neighbor living here in Queens, wanting to preserve what we love about our community.

– Slawek Platta

2000    LL.M.    University of Florida Law School, Comparative Law
1999    J.D.     University of Cardinal Stefan Wysznski, Canon Law
1999    J.D,    University of Warsaw, Civil Law