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We're gonna partisan politics like it's 1999

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Who can forget the Rent Is Too Damn High Party that was founded by Jimmy McMillan, who ran on the party line for mayor in the 2005 and 2009 elections, and then for governor and senator in 2010?

Oh, how we laughed when we first heard about the upstart political party, and then got our first look at its charismatic leader, with his booming voice and unconventional facial hair!

But the next thing we know, McMillan is a candidate in the 2005 mayoral election, and 4,000 people voted for him. And then we started thinking about it and, yes indeed, the rent is too damn high!

And we weren't alone. While the party itself may have been somewhat of a joke, McMillan was bringing up a very valid concern about living in New York City.

People started to come around, and by the 2009 election McMillan was even treated like a serious candidate, appearing in televised debates with more “serious” candidates for mayor.

And his message was starting to gain traction. That year over 40,000 people voted for him. At one point there were actually three registered voters in the Rent Is Too Damn High Party in New York State.

Those people who did vote for him probably never seriously thought McMillan would win a citywide election, but wanted to send a message to elected officials that there were people out there who were concerned about the runaway rents in the city and were willing to cast their vote on the singular issue.

Enter Slawek Platta, a Republican who is running for a south Queens State Senate seat currently held by Joseph Addabbo. Believe it or not, he will actually have a GOP primary challenger in Tom Sullivan, a Republican from the Rockaways.

But if he loses to Sullivan, that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't see Platta on the ballot in November. He moved quickly to gather over 4,000 signatures throughout the district to create the No Homeless Shelters Party.

If the Board of Elections certifies the petitions, they are currently being challenged by members of the more established political parties, then Platta could theoretically run on that line in November.

We can't really overstate want a huge issue homeless shelters are in this district, from a proposed shelter in Glendale to another in South Ozone Park, where a man named Sam Esposito has been camped out and on a hunger strike since the beginning of the month in opposition.


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