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Platta announces candidacy for State Senate

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Platta announces candidacy for State Senate Photo: Queensland Ledger

Slawomir Platta and his campaign team, along with supporters and advocates, gathered in Ridgewood on Monday to announce his run for State Senate in District 15.

Platta, a Polish immigrant, was born and raised in middle-class Warsaw, where most of his family still lives.

He achieved his childhood dreams of becoming a lawyer, and earning three different law degrees and opened Platta Law Firm in Manhattan.

At his campaign headquarters this week, Platta said he wanted to be a “candidate of the people,” and wants citizens to talk to him directly when they have any problems.

One of the biggest issues that Platta plans to address is the homeless shelter situation, specifically in Glendale and Ozone Park. He believes that Mayor Bill de Blasio is approaching shelter placement in a harmful way that will destroy neighborhoods.

The proposed 200-bed Glendale shelter, for example, is situated in a residential neighborhood with few transportation options. Platta said that means the homeless will have a hard time getting to a doctor’s appointment or job interview.

The other proposed shelter in Ozone Park is near an elementary school, and is designated for 114 mentally ill men. Platta said that placing the shelters without any say from local residents is what stirs resentment.

“There are ways to introduce them to the community in a proper way,” Platta said. “For example, building a smaller shelter, 20 or 30 people in family shelters. No one protests and no one will.”


By Meghan Slackman | Published in the Queens Ledger

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