Tuesday, 28 August 2018 11:03


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Slawek Platta, Republican and Reform Party candidate for New York’s 15th State Senate District learned today that a challenge has been filed to his petition to put the No Homeless Shelters Party on the ballot for the November 2018 Elections.

Platta filed nearly 4,000 signatures last week with the New York City Board of Elections, almost 1,000 above the required number for the No Homeless Shelters Party to be listed on the November ballot. The challenge came from longtime Republican activist and former Board of Elections employee Scott Jordan.

“We have knocked on thousands of doors over the last few months to give the community a voice on the homeless shelters issue, a voice that has been taken away from them by the       de Blasio administration and establishment politicians. It us appalling and even un-democratic that after nearly 4,000 local voters spoke on the issue by signing the petition, some will stop at nothing to take that voice away from them’”, said Platta.

“These cheap political tactics to quiet our communities are what’s wrong with the current political system in our state. As the next State Senator, I will fight each day to make sure that our community has a voice and that it is heard loud and clear on this and other issues that impact our quality of life”, added Platta.

Platta will continue to fight on the homeless shelters issue and any challenges to the signature petition for the No Homeless Shelters Party. The campaign also said that it will mail notices to all signers alerting them to the challenge. “Voters have a right to know what’s going on,” said Marie Lynch, Platta’s campaign manager.